State Licenses & Permits

As Manhattan’s central business district, Community Board Five has a high concentration of licensed establishments, ranging from restaurants, to bars, hotels and clubs. Each month, the board receives dozens of liquor license applications to review. The State Licenses & Permits (SLAP) committee plays a vital role in reviewing these applications and making recommendations to the State Liquor Authority (SLA). It ensures that new and existing establishments fit into the fabric of the neighborhood and maintain positive relationships with the community.

A growing residential population in the district has made it more necessary to negotiate agreements that prevent ill will between residents and operators. In recent years, the committee has worked to establish a Restricted Licensing Area from 19th Street to 21st Street in Flatiron to curb problematic activity,  to form a comprehensive policy related to rooftops and other outdoor space and to help shutter bad actors. The committee has also secured countless agreements with operators that have been incorporated into the licenses issued by the SLA. The committee regularly fields complaints related to licensed establishments and works to resolve the issues.

You can find a record of CB5’s virtual State Licenses & Permits Committee meetings on Youtube.

You can find CB5’s Policy on Public Notification here.

You can find a record of CB5’s dispositions on liquor licenses by month here

State Licenses and Permits Committee Members

Janice Yong (Chair)
Miles Kirwin (Vice Chair)
Seth Borden
Katherine Ellington
Bill Gartland
Elisabeth (Libby) Hutton

Robert Isaacs
Samir Lavingia
Christopher Nazzaro
Yaran Noti-Victor
Tiffany Reavis
David Shapiro

Tod Shapiro
Sarah BJ Sung
Sachi Takahashi-Rial
Yodon Thonden
Zona Xu
Alan Yu

Recent State Licenses and Permits Resolutions