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Liquor License Decisions

View CB5's license dispositions by month

Before filing an application with the State Liquor Authority (SLA), establishments wishing to serve alcohol must send the community board notice that they intend to seek a license. CB5 receives dozens of notices each month and carefully reviews each notice.

For each notice, CB5 issues a disposition, or decision, which is sent directly to the SLA and published online at the end of the month.

In reaching a disposition, CB5 considers a variety of factors, such as: the type of application (new, renewal, alteration, corporate change, etc.), the type of license sought, the size and location of the establishment, the proposed method of operation (hours, DJ/live music, dancing, etc.) and whether there will be a rooftop or outdoor space.  

Typically, there are several different outcomes for notices that come before the board:

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