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141 5th Avenue - Application for Alteration to the North Penthouse

WHEREAS, 141 5th Avenue is a twelve-story Beaux-Arts building located in the Ladies Mile Historic District, designated on May 2, 1989; and

WHEREAS, The store and loft structure is located on a prominent corner between East 20th and East 21st Streets, and constructed between 1896-1900 with a rooftop cupola and dome added to the structure in 1899; and

WHEREAS, The addition of the cupola continued the richly embellished façade and aggrandized the original structure faced in limestone and terra cotta; and

WHEREAS, The building’s conspicuous corner, highlighted by the cupola, make it particularly notable in the District; and

WHEREAS, The applicant seeks to replace one of the double-hung windows in the northwest portion of the cupola within its existing wood window frame, with an outswing door sash to allow for access to the terrace; and

WHEREAS, The replacement will mimic the appearance of the double hung window in the plane of the existing upper sash; and

WHEREAS, Hanover Evergreen pavers, matching the existing stone pavers, will be placed at the terrace to protect the existing roof membrane; and

WHEREAS, Stainless steel mesh panels with stainless wire ties are proposed at the existing balustrade for code compliance, with the lowest part of the balustrade at three feet seven-and-a-half inches (3’ 7-1/2”) to meet code requirements; and

WHEREAS, A single step will be placed over the existing copper sill to facilitate access; and

WHEREAS, Bronze hardware will be installed on both sides of the door; and

WHEREAS, The sashing will not touch the waterproofing, flashing, or ornamental casings of the building; and

WHEREAS, The alterations will hold as close as possible to the existing sightlines, material, color, and finish of the existing window and with a matching crossbar; and

WHEREAS, In its closed state the door will, when viewed from the exterior of the building, have the appearance of the window it has replaced and therefore remain unchanged and imperceptible; and

WHEREAS, The proposed design for the alteration to the penthouse was reviewed by the Landmarks Committee of Community Board Five; and

WHEREAS, Modifications to the balcony for safety and protection of the roof have no visible impact on the cupola and do not disturb any historic fabric; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application to modify the north penthouse at 141 5th Avenue to allow access to the balcony fronting the northwest corner of the cupola.

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