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CB5 Guidelines for Newsstand Applications

WHEREAS, Manhattan Community Board Five receives numerous applications for the installation of newsstands within its district; and

WHEREAS, Many of these proposed newsstands would be located in heavily congested areas and create numerous obstructions; and

WHEREAS, Many of the proposed newsstands would create an unnecessary burden on pedestrian flow; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five frequently denies such applications based on these issues but repeatedly receives additional applications for the installation of newsstands at the same location, or at a location within the same intersection; and

WHEREAS, Given that congestion and pedestrian flow in these areas rarely, if ever, improve over time, the likelihood that Community Board Five would reconsider its position for proposed newsstands at these locations is low; and

WHEREAS, As Community Board Five recognizes that over an extended period of time, neighborhoods could, in fact, experience a change in conditions regarding congestion and pedestrian flow; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Applications for the proposed installation of a newsstand at a location or intersection where Community Board Five has issued a denial for a previous application within the past five (5) years shall automatically be denied, with the explicit understanding that Community Board Five can use its discretion to continue to hear any applications with unique circumstances that might warrant further consideration.

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