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135 West 41st Street, Bush Tower, application to replace non-historic storefront infill

WHEREAS, The applicant, 135 West 41st Street, which is known as the individual landmark Bush Tower, seeks to renovate the non-historic storefront infill, and remove sidewalk steps for ADA compliance;

WHEREAS, Bush Tower was designed by Helmle and Corbett in 1918 and was the first skyscraper in the Times Square area;

WHEREAS, The proposed renovations are slated for the 41st Street storefront on the backside of Bush Tower;

WHEREAS, The storefront currently has retractable, green canvas awnings over both windows;

WHEREAS, The proposed renovations would remove and replace these green awnings with stationary, smaller profile, dark grey awnings;

WHEREAS, The proposed removal of two small steps will make the entrance to grade with the sidewalk;

WHEREAS, The ADA ramps necessary will be built on the interior of the property;

WHEREAS, Community Board Five applauds the applicant’s efforts to minimize the infringement on the sidewalk and the landmarked façade of the ADA renovations; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application for 135 West 41st Street to renovate non-historic storefront infill and remove sidewalk steps for ADA compliance and finds these renovations to be appropriate.

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