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375 Park Avenue, application to change the Certificate of Appropriateness for alterations to portions of the designated interiors of the Four Season Restaurant ground floor and first floor - Individual landmark designated in 1989

WHEREAS, 375 Park Avenue, located between 52nd and 53rd Streets, was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in in the highly acclaimed international style Seagram Building design; and

WHEREAS, The Four Seasons Restaurant Ground Floor and First Floor interiors were designed by Philip Johnson, built 1958-59, and were praised by architectural critics as among the finest International Style interior spaces in the United States and the costliest restaurant ever constructed; and

WHEREAS, The Applicant, building owner RFR, wishes to seek approval after the construction and renovation have been completed to include three (3) elements; 1.) Ground Floor concierge desk, 2.) Bar in Pool Room Mezzanine and 3.) Fabric wallcovering to the Pool Room Mezzanine; and

WHEREAS, Based on the interior landmark designation report, the fixtures and interior components of these spaces, including but not limited to wall surfaces, floor surfaces, ceiling surfaces, doors, railings, hanging sculpture, and metal draperies, are landmarked; and

WHEREAS, The Ground Floor concierge desk has clean geometric shapes, consisting of a white lacquer top and bronze base, approximately 10' wide, 2'-3" deep and 3'-6" high with power and data connection through the travertine floor and attached with 3 anchors introduces a new fixture where there was none; and

WHEREAS The "U" shaped bar in Pool Room Mezzanine is approximately 15' long by 8'-4" deep and 3'-6" high consisting of custom decorative mother of pearl & glass panels with polished black granite countertop with polished nickel trim as well as a back lit shelving system to hold liquors and glassware; and

WHEREAS;  The fabric wallcovering the Pool Room Mezzanine does conform to the original panelized module set in bronze frame, it is dark ocean blue in color, unlike the original neutral beige wall covering and carpeting; and

WHEREAS, The applicant had promised to return to CB5 to present the carpet choice but never did, depriving CB5 to comment on this important aspect, and 

WHEREAS, the carpet color is not contextual to the original design and should be considered part of the violation, and 

WHEREAS, The proposed alterations, although elegant in their design, are not at all contextual with the original finishes and fixtures of the very significant landmark interior; and

WHEREAS, The applicant egregiously went ahead with the work without proper approval; and

WHEREAS, Although no violation was issued yet, the work done was in violation and should be noted as such; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends denial of a Certificate of Appropriateness for the 375 Park Avenue, and be it further 

RESOLVED, Community Board Five urges LPC to promptly issue a violation so as to clearly recognize the true status of this application filed by an applicant with the extensive LPC experience; and be it further

RESOLVED, Community Board Five urges LPC to consider the carpet as part of the violation. 

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