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Recommendation by Community Board Five for Landmark designation of 101-103 East 29th Street

WHEREAS, 101-103 East 29th Street  also known as the Deauville Hotel, was erected in 1901 by the esteemed firm of Buchman and (Deisler) Fox and is a remarkable example of the Beaux Arts style writ small; and

WHEREAS, The building itself has retained many of its original features as well as its original intent as a small apartment hotel for the entirety of its existence and serves as a rare and excellent example of this type of dwelling; and

WHEREAS, The building is a seven stories red brick and limestone hotel featuring banded stone columns which support the entrance portico and carved balcony; and

WHEREAS, The building features carved pediments and window spandrels along with stone quoins; and

WHEREAS, The top two floors feature carved brackets and ornate parquets along with clustered windows; and

WHEREAS, The mansard roof complements the Beaux-Arts façade; and

WHEREAS, A canopy, unrelated to the design, was added in the second half of the 20th century; and

WHEREAS, Despite this addition, the building itself has retained all of its original features and fabric, including, internally, a hand operated elevator; and

WHEREAS, The building was designed as an apartment hotel and has remained such for the entirety of its existence and serves as an excellent and now rare example of this type of dwelling; and

WHEREAS, The hotel has hosted many esteemed guests, among them Courtney Love, Sid Vicious and Jim Brown; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five has been ever-vigilant and increasingly concerned with the future of preservation in Community Board Five and recognizes that there are many buildings that contribute to the rich history of Manhattan that have yet to be calendared by LPC; and

WHEREAS, The Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) has already determined that this building is worthy of further research but has not made it a priority; and

WHEREAS, Support for this effort has also been given by the 29th Street Neighborhood Association; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five requests LPC to prioritize the review, research and calendaring of 101-103 East 29th Street, also known as the Deauville Hotel.

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