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142 5th Avenue, application to correct LPC violation on the installation of a rooftop pergola.

WHEREAS, 142 Fifth Avenue, is a ten-story neo-Renaissance store and loft building, built in 1898-99, in the Ladies Mile Historic District, and

WHEREAS, A pergola was constructed on the roof in 2014 without proper LPC permit; and

WHEREAS, The owner now seeks to legalize the pergola; and

WHEREAS, The pergola is made of teak wood and is 7'3'' in height, and 11'8'' wide; and 

WHEREAS, For the purpose of the legalization application, the owner of the pergola conducted a sight line study from 10 different view points in a radius of 2 1/2 blocks and found the pergola to be minimally visible from only one viewpoint; and

WHEREAS, The pergola is minimally visible from one viewpoint, between 18th and 19th Streets on the east side of 5th Avenue; and

WHEREAS, The pergola owners have made a good faith and exhaustive study to remedy the street level visibility problem without finding an acceptable solution; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the legalization of a pergola at 142 Fifth Avenue.

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