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1356 Broadway, application for signage.

WHEREAS, The applicant of 1356 Broadway was to come before the Landmarks Committee of Community Board Five with an application for signage; and

WHEREAS, 1356 Broadway currently has violations for exterior LED screens, over-window awning and signage over the main door; and

WHEREAS, 1356 Broadway is seeking an alternative that would correct the LPC violation while regaining the signage for Gotham Hall; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five received a booklet of many different renderings and an unorthodox invitation to serve as the design committee for this project; and

WHEREAS, The application was not appropriately presented; and 

WHEREAS, The applicant had originally agreed to pull the current application from LPC and welcomed the opportunity to appear before CB5 at a later date with a narrower scope of work, with full understanding that failing to do so would result in a denial; and

WHEREAS, The Applicant subsequently decided that they were unable to wait until our next scheduled public hearing and will instead proceed to LPC against our wishes; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends denial of the application for signage from 1356 Broadwaydue to non-compliance with their agreement with CB5 to return with a narrower scope of work before proceeding to LPC; and be it further

RESOLVED, CB5 urges LPC to only review matters pertaining to the current violations and for the applicant to return to CB5 should there be a proposal with any alterations unrelated to curing the violations.

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