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Consents & Variances

162 West 56th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues), SGR Hospitality Group LLC d/b/a SOUVLAKI Grill, application for an unenclosed sidewalk café with 2 tables and 6 chairs.

WHEREAS,SGR Hospitality Group LLC, operating as Souvlaki Grill, has submitted an application seeking permission to install and operate an UNENCLOSED sidewalk cafe at 162 West 56th Street; and

WHEREAS, The café will operate between 11am and 10pm Sunday through Wednesday, and 11am until 11pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and

WHEREAS, The proposed unenclosed sidewalk cafe would have two (2) tables and six (6) chairs for patrons; and

WHEREAS, The proposed unenclosed sidewalk cafe would be installed a minimum of 8 feet from the curb, and would allow 8 feet of unobstructed pedestrian sidewalk passage on West 56th; and

WHEREAS, There will be no additional lighting or signage and no sound; and

WHEREAS, There is no liquor license yet for this sidewalk cafe at this time; and

WHEREAS, This application meets the guidelines set for sidewalk cafes; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of SGR Hospitality Group LLC's application seeking permission to install and operate an unenclosed sidewalk café at 162 West 56th Street.

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