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75 Rockefeller Plaza – Application for construction of a roof top addition on the 10th floor setback.

WHEREAS, 75 Rockefeller Plaza is part of Landmarked Rockefeller Center, an Art-Deco style commercial, office and entertainment complex of 19 commercial buildings, covering 22 acres between West 48th and 51st Streets built by the Rockefeller Family; and

WHEREAS, 75 Rockefeller Plaza was designed by Robert Carson and Earl Lundin with Wallace K. Harrison as consulting architect, built in 1946 as headquarters for Standard Oil Company and originally named as the Esso Building; and

WHEREAS, The building, located at the northerly end of Rockefeller Plaza, has 100 ft. frontage on West 51st Street and 275 ft. frontage on West 52nd Street; and

WHEREAS, The current application is for construction of a two-story roof top addition on the 10th floor setback on the West 52nd Street side of the building, which will be an extension of an existing projection in this setback area; and

WHEREAS, The addition will be constructed of deer island granite (base), insulated glass (windows), painted aluminum (panels), and laminated glass (guardrail) and will be harmonious with, but distinguishable from, the existing extension; and

WHEREAS, The addition will be minimally visible from within Rockefeller Plaza, the corner of 52nd Street and 6th Avenue and one location on 51st Street; and

WHEREAS, The addition blends into the buildings beyond and does not detract from the architectural merits of 75 Rockefeller Plaza; and

WHEREAS, The addition is appropriate and respectful of the historic conditions of the building and the Rockefeller Center complex; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of construction of a roof top addition on the 10th floor setback at 75 Rockefeller Plaza.

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