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212 5th Avenue, application for a rooftop addition, window replacement, storefront infill replacement, new sidewalk canopy, installing a new window line on the south facade, and enlarging window openings on the south facade

WHEREAS, 212 FIFTH AVENUE (aka 2-8 West 26th Street and 1134-1138 Broadway), is a 20 story neo-Medieval stores and office building designed by architectural firm Schwartz & Gross and built in 1912-13, located in the Madison Square North Historic District; and

WHEREAS, The applicant is converting the building from commercial to residential use and wishes to do the following alterations:

- Enlargement of existing rooftop structure to enclose new mechanical equipment and installing louvers

- Installation of new window line and enlarging of window openings at the secondary south elevation

- Replacement of copper-clad windows at the top 3rd and 4th windows with new aluminum windows finished to match the historic

- Replacement of non-historic storefront infill

- Installation of a new sidewalk canopy at a new residential entrance on West 26th Street

- Restoration of deteriorated walls, replacement of parapet and cornice, replacing original terracotta masonry and brickwork with cast stone and GFRC, and

WHEREAS, The replacement of non-historic storefront infill, modification and additions to the penthouse as proposed, the replacement of copper-clad windows with historically matching color and configuration on the east, north and west elevations, are contextual and appropriate to the building; and

WHEREAS, The Board does have reservations about the plans to install a new non-historic window line and enlarged window openings at the south elevation; and

WHEREAS, The Board objects to the removal of the existing 3rd & 4th Stories windows, the use of cast stone and GFRP and the installation of a canopy at any entrance; therefore be it,

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application under the following conditions:

  1. The Chicago-style pivot windows shall be retained and restored (including their opening mechanism) where they are currently present (3rd & 4th Floors)
  2. Identical historical materials shall be used to repair or replace damaged or missing historical materials including the parapet and cornices and the use of GFRP, Cast Stone or similar modern materials shall not be used for the exterior restoration
  3. Canopies shall not be appended to the building at any entrance

Until and unless these conditions are met, Community Board Five does not support this application.

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