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Request by Garment District Alliance to install City Lights and GCP street lamps on 8th Avenue, 7th Avenue, Broadway, and 35th Street

WHEREAS, New York City launched a design competition for a next generation, energy efficient street light; and

WHEREAS, The design that won this competition has been designated the "City Light"; and

WHEREAS, DOT has designated this light as appropriate for use throughout New York City except within Historic Districts, where more traditional street lights might be more appropriate; and

WHEREAS, The Garment District Alliance has proposed to subsidize the installation of these lights along 8th Avenue, 7th Avenue, and Broadway from 36th to 42nd Streets; and

WHEREAS, The plan will require the removal of existing Grand Central Partnership street lights from Broadway that the Garment District Alliance proposes to re-locate along 35th Street where they will correspond to similar lights to the east on 35th Street and compliment older buildings in the area; and

WHEREAS, The proposal is Phase 1 of a master plan to install City Lights throughout the Garment District territory; and

WHEREAS, Each City Light will provide significant energy and cost savings over its lifespan; and

WHEREAS, The Garment District Alliance and DOT have proposed to return to CB5 to present subsequent phases of the plan; and

WHEREAS, No members of the public had comments on the proposal; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the Garment District Alliance's application to the New York City Department of Transportation to install City Lights on 8th Avenue, 7th Avenue, and Broadway between 36th and 42nd Streets, and to relocate GCP lights to West 35th Street.

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