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Application for Certificate of Appropriateness for Seasonal Programming in Bryant Park.

WHEREAS, Bryant Park (including all the plazas and walkways surrounding the New York Public Library) is designated a scenic landmark and the New York Public Library is designated an historic landmark by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC); and

WHEREAS, Bryant Park Corporation (BPC) has the responsibility for maintenance and programming in the park, which sees approximately six million visitors per year; and

WHEREAS, Said programming and concessions are necessary as the sole source of revenue from which to maintain the park, including a staff of 60; and

WHEREAS, The LPC and Department of Parks and Recreation have oversight responsibilities for BPC and each agency requires a Master Plan for the protection, conservation, and restoration of park assets associated with events and activities; and

WHEREAS, The former 3-year master plan will expire soon and the BPC is re-submitting it's Master Plan, to be approved for an as-yet-undetermined term; and

WHEREAS, Events are classified as seasonal installations (i.e. Winter Village and summer film screenings) or temporary, short term installations (i.e.  Habitat for Humanity, Hester Street Fair); and

WHEREAS, BPC had detailed the measures taken to protect and maintain the park elements (lawn, pavement gravel path, masonry structures, monuments, etc.) for both types of installations; and

WHEREAS, Implementation of the Master Plan has proven to be effective in preserving the visual, architectural and botanical resources over the past three years; and

WHEREAS, BPC is continually improving upon and refining the Master Plan to benefit the park; therefore be it

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