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Transportation & Environment

Proposal to install a bike corral at 377 Park Avenue South (4 racks) and at 110 East 25th Street (7 Racks).

At the monthly meeting of Community Board Five on Thursday, October 10, 2013, the Board passed the following resolution with a vote of 29 in favor, 4 opposed, 1 abstaining:

WHEREAS, Bike corrals are rows of CityRacks installed in the curbside lane of the street instead of on the sidewalk; and

WHEREAS, NYC DOT seeks the establishments bicycle corrals at 377 Park Avenue South with 4 racks and at 110 East 25 Street with 7 Racks; and

WHEREAS, Potential maintenance partners may be businesses, community groups and individual volunteers; and

WHEREAS, Forcella has agreed to serve as an ongoing maintenance partner at 377 Park Avenue South and NeueHouse has agreed to serve as an ongoing maintenance partner at 110 East 25 Street; and

WHEREAS, DOT has determined that bike corrals are appropriate by measuring the potential sites and assessing the demand for bike parking; and

WHEREAS, DOT has designed bike corrals specific to these sites; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five looks forward to further dialogue with the DOT about ways to further ensure safe and efficient travel across our streets and on-going conversations about the bike corral program; and

WHEREAS, There was no opposition registered at the Transportation and Environment Committee's meeting on September 30, 2013 and both of the applicants were enthusiastic about a more design sensitive solution to bike parking; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five supports the establishment of bicycle corrals in at the following addresses and with the corresponding sizes:

        (1) 377 Park Avenue South; 4 Racks

        (2) 110 East 25 Street; 7 Racks    

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