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1552 Broadway - Modification to windows and interior panel

WHEREAS, 1552 Broadway, the I. Miller Building, is an individual Landmark, and came before CB 5 May 2012 with a Proposal to perform major building renovations which were approved by a vote of 37-0-1; and

WHEREAS, The owner of this building also owns the adjacent building, 1560 Broadway, which wraps around this building to the east and the north, allowing the two buildings to be interconnected for a new retail tenant, Express, an apparel company, which will lease space in both buildings; and

WHEREAS, The tenant requires an escalator for vertical circulation placed in the I, Miller Landmark that will be highly visible from the street and, in the opinion of LPC staff, may have a significant impact on the Landmark, as viewed from the outside through the windows; and

WHEREAS, LPC has scheduled a Public Hearing on October 9, 2012 to deal with this relatively minor concern; and

WHEREAS, The applicant presented CB5 with a design for large window boxes and an 8 foot interior panel between the two buildings to conceal the escalator and anything else that would distract from the Landmark's 1920's appearance; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the proposal for 1552 Broadway to have large window boxes and an 8 foot interior panel designed to conceal the interior escalator.

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