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Transportation & Environment

Proposal by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to Construct Crosstown Bicycle Routes on 29th Street and 30th Streets and install Five Turn Lanes

WHEREAS, The DOT developed and released a Bicycle Master Plan in 1997 after extensive consultation with multiple agencies, advocacy organizations, community boards, elected officials and cyclists; and

WHEREAS, The Bicycle Master Plan called for the installation of a continuous crosstown bike lane on 30th and 31st Streets; and

WHEREAS, DOT, in a follow-up to their Bicycle Master Plan, developed a proposal to install crosstown bike lanes on 29th Street and 30th Street through a mixture of Bicycle Lanes and Shared Lanes; and

WHEREAS, DOT finds that the proposed 29th/30th Street Crosstown Bicycle Routes would increase safety for all types of roadway users; and

WHEREAS, DOT's proposed 29th/30th Street Crosstown Bicycle Routes provide a logical connection with the 29th/30th Street Bicycle Routes already installed in Community District 4 between the Hudson River Park and 8th Avenue; and

WHEREAS, DOT's proposed 29th/30th Street Crosstown Bicycle Routes will also connect with the lanes further to the east to First Avenue, a proposal which Community District 6 recently approved; and

WHEREAS, The DOT has found that turn lanes will increase visibility of pedestrians at intersections as well as improve traffic flow; and

WHEREAS, DOT, in response to concerns of some Transportation & Environment Committee members, reduced the proposed number of turn lanes from nine to five and reduced the number of proposed repurposed parking/loading spaces from seventy six to twenty three; and

WHEREAS, DOT conducted business and community outreach to Park Ave Audio, Hotel Deauville, Bread & Butter, Laney Jewelry, American Eagle Eyewear, Time Plus NY, Dream Trader 49, Takos 29 Custom Jewelry, Island Glen/NY Bakery, Fashion Mode Company, Pink and Stone, Modern Store and Fixtures, Guy & Gallard on 29th Street and California Pizza Kitchen, Aaron Academy, Rebecca School, Miss K's Italian Eatery and Cafe, Oriental Carpet Gallery and Mastour Galleries on 30th Street; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five provided public notice along the affected blocks and held a public hearing on the topic where no community opposition was registered; and

WHEREAS, Enforcement of traffic laws continues to be an issue with respect to bicyclists so Community Board Five urges DOT to work with the NYPD to ensure that as bicycling use increases in the City that increased enforcement also be considered, to ensure the safety of pedestrians in particular; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the DOT 29th/30th Street Crosstown Bicycle Routes and turning lanes at the following locations five locations:

A.     Southbound at 7th Avenue and 29th Street

B.     Northbound at 6th Avenue and 29th Street

C.     Northbound at Madison Avenue and 30th Street

D.     Northbound at Park Avenue and 29th Street

E.      Southbound at Park Avenue and 29th Street 

The above resolution passed with a vote of 38 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstaining. 

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