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New elementary school to be located at the site of the Foundling Hospital on 6th Avenue a "zoned" school

WHEREAS, In 2008, Mayor Bloomberg and then School Chancellor Joel Klein announced the creation of a new elementary school at the site of the Foundling Hospital, at 17th Street and 6th Avenue, in Community Board 5, and

WHEREAS, The proposed school is a unique public-private Partnership Between The School Construction Authority, The New York Foundling Charitable Corporation, and The Rudin Family, which is overseeing the development of St. Vincent's hospital nearby, and

WHEREAS, The proposed school will serve 563 students from pre-K to fifth grade, will be built in the first six floors of the present New York Foundling Hospital, and

WHEREAS, Existing elementary schools serving children residing in CB5 are severely overcrowded, with some schools over capacity by 20%, and

WHEREAS, Parts of Manhattan School District 2, including the West Village and Chelsea are currently being considered for a rezoning to alleviate the overcrowding, and

WHEREAS, When announced, the proposed school was described as a zoned school in the official press-release put forth by the Department of Education (DOE), therefore be it

RESOLVED, That CB5 urges DOE to stand by its word and make the proposed school a zoned school to serve its purpose and its promise to help alleviate the acute overcrowding that elementary school children experience, and furthermore

RESOLVED, that CB5 urges DOE and CEC D2 to start working on the new zone for the school, in conjunction with the current proposed rezoning.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 31 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.


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