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768 - 770 Fifth Avenue - Oak Bar, Plaza Hotel - Application to create an opening and install a door

WHEREAS, The Plaza Hotel located at 768 - 770 Fifth Avenue is an Individual NYC Landmark, with portions of its interior including the Oak Bar, a Tudor Revival/Jacobethan Revival style room, specifically part of the designated Landmark; and

WHEREAS, The Oak Bar has been renovated, altered and redecorated over the years and a new prospective tenant, identifying itself as Victory Real Estate ("Victory") is negotiating with the owners of the Plaza, Elad Properties, to lease the Oak Bar, contingent  on obtaining approval from LPC for additional alterations; and

WHEREAS, Victory has applied to LPC for Approval to create a new opening and doorway at the westerly side of the Oak Bar to allow for access to a non-designated corridor (containing conduits, a sound  system and other equipment) between the bar and the Oak Room; and

WHEREAS,  A new stairway will be constructed  in this non-designated corridor leading to rest rooms to be located in the basement of the Hotel, directly below the Oak Bar, for the use of patrons of the Oak Bar; and

WHEREAS, Victory views this opening and door as a necessary amenity for the bar patrons who now have to exit the Oak Bar and use an inconvenient  stairway across a hallway to get to rest rooms in the basement "Food Hall" of the hotel; and

WHEREAS, The proposed opening, measuring 4 ft. wide X 6 ft. 8 in. high, would be cut through non-original wood paneling; and 

WHEREAS, The new door would have hinges facing the non-designated area and would be faced with similar wood paneling on its reverse side as it has on the front to minimize any visual impact when the door is opened; and

WHEREAS, Victory has agreed to present any proposed signage for the new doorway, if it the alteration is approved by LPC, to CB5 for its review and comments; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application to create a new interior opening and doorway at the westerly side of the Oak Bar, Plaza Hotel, 768 - 770 Fifth Avenue. 

The above resolution passed by a vote of 36 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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