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MTA/LIRR application for a proposed Dining Concourse Connection between the lower (Dining ) concourse of Grand Central Terminal and the new Long Island Railroad East Side Terminal Access below Grand Central Terminal.

WHEREAS, Grand Central Terminal has been one of NYC's iconic Interior and Exterior Landmarks since August 2, 1967; and

WHEREAS, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is completing its new East Side Access Station below the existing terminal which, when completed. will offer a total of 75 tracks and 48 platforms, providing new passenger service to the East Side of Manhattan; and

WHEREAS, a new Concourse for the LIRR Station has been constructed in mainly disused spaces, infrastructure areas and support spaces of the MTA; and

WHEREAS, The MTA and LIRR have submitted a proposal for interior construction and reconfiguration to the floor area of the lower (dining) Concourse below the West "Grand Staircase" in the area known as one of  the two "Pullman Car" dining areas; and

WHEREAS, Approximately one half of the west seating area (25 ft. X 45 ft.) of the "Pullman" dining area constructed in the 1990's will be displaced by the construction of one down and one up escalator plus a public stairway to serve as a connection to the new LIRR East Side Terminal concourse which has been constructed under Vanderbilt Ave. and Park Ave.; and 

WHEREAS, The construction of the new terminal has been an ongoing project of the MTA/LIRR since the 1960's and is meant to help ease congestion at the LIRR terminal at Penn Station and to help commuters from Long Island to reach the eastside of Manhattan; and

WHEREAS, This will serve as the only entrance directly from the new LIRR concourse into Grand Central proper. Other entrances and exits to the new LIRR concourse will be directly to street level at various locations from 44th to  48th Streets, exact number is as yet to be determined; and

WHEREAS, The demolition of the floor area of the lower dining concourse does not involve removal of historic or significant architectural detail from the Landmarked Grand Central Terminal, and any historical material found will be preserved; and

WHEREAS, All new construction of escalator design, hand railings, flooring, etc. will match preexisting details in Grand Central Terminal; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, Community Board Five approves the application by the MTA/LIRR to construct a connection between the lower "Pullman" dining concourse and to the new LIRR concourse below it at Grand Central Terminal.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 39 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.


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