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156 5th Avenue, Ladies Mile Historic District, application for storefront renovation

WHEREAS, 156 5th Avenue, a 12 story office building, at the northwest corner of 20th Street was constructed in 1894-95 in the Neo-Romanesque style by the firm of Rowe&Baker; and

WHEREAS, the ground floor is comprised of a recessed central building entrance with retail storefronts flanking the lobby on 5th Avenue, and along 20th Street; and

WHEREAS, the Applicant, wishes to: (a) replace non-original storefront on the southern bay on 5th Avenue to match the storefront on the northern bay, which was previous approved by LPC C of A# 99-2132 in 1998; (b) remove existing louvers and masonry at four (4) openings and replace with new glass and stainless steel storefront to match the 1998 approved northern bay, this improvement will also provide ADA access to the retail shop where there currently is none; (c) on 20th Street remove non-original 1985 brown aluminum storefront and restore the original historic storefront which is concealed underneath, this will be consistent with 20th Street storefronts; and (e) a sign band will be on the horizontal storefront mullion; and

WHEREAS, the 20th Street alteration is appropriate as a restoration of the original storefront and the alteration of the 5th Avenue storefront is in keeping with the previous deemed appropriate storefront proportions and the new doors and windows will bring back the original use and aesthetic; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that Community Board Five recommends approval for a new storefront and doors for 156 5th Avenue.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 25 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstaining.

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