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State Licenses and Permits


WHEREAS, Friedfield Breslin, LLC has notified CB5 of their intent to file for an on-premises liquor license at 1186 Broadway (Hotel Breslin); and

WHEREAS, The applicant, Kenneth Friedman, one of the principal owners of The Spotted Pig (314 West 11th Street) and other venues being sought (one partnering with Mario Batali), will be working at 1186 Broadway with Executive Chef April Bloomfield,  (presently co-owner and chef at The Spotted Pig), who was voted one of "10 Best Chefs of 2007"; and

WHEREAS, The premises are 2353 square feet (ground floor and mezzanine), have a capacity of 140, with 38 tables, with the kitchen closing at 12 midnight; and

WHEREAS, There will be no rear yard dining, no cabaret, no sidewalk café (not enough room), and no immediate intention to have rooftop dining but will abide by the findings of CB5's Public Safety & Quality of Life Committee if and when they do apply; and

WHEREAS, This operation is separate and apart from the hotel, which has its own "hotel liquor license" and came before CB5 in 2007; and

WHEREAS, This building is located in an historic district and the applicant has been advised that any exterior work to be done to the premises must be presented to CB5's Landmarks Committee and approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of an on-premises liquor license for Friedfield Breslin, LLC, located at 1186 Broadway (Hotel Breslin).

The above resolution passed by a vote of 28 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstention.

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