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State Licenses and Permits

215 WEST 28TH STREET (7TH/8TH) – GQ NIGHTLIFE, LLC. On-premises Liquor License (transfer)

WHEREAS, GQ Nightlife, LLC, has notified CB5 of their intent to file for the transfer of a liquor license for the premises at 215 West 28th Street; and

WHEREAS, The premises are presently and will continue to operate as a nightclub, were licensed in 1988 and therefore are not subject to a 500' Hearing, encompass four floors with a total square footage of 7603, and have a total capacity of 472; and

WHEREAS, The applicant plans to add a food component in the cellar and the 1st Floor (mezzanine and 3rd floor remain as a club); and

WHEREAS, The hours of operation will be:

WHEREAS, Residents from the adjacent building (213) attended the Public Safety/Quality of Life Committee on Monday, July 7, 2008, to voice their concerns and complaints regarding the past three operations of this club, i.e., extreme noise the most problematic; and

WHEREAS, No one from any of the previous operations are involved in GQ Nightlife LLC; and

WHEREAS, The owner has hired a security firm (Arbus Protective Services), who attended the PS/QL meeting as well, and assured the committee and the residents that they will be:

WHEREAS, In order to address and assuage the residents' fears and concerns, the committee requested and was given the following assurances/conditions/stipulations by the owner, which have been incorporated into a signed affidavit to be included in the application to the State Liquor Authority regarding the method of operation – the applicant will:

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends disapproval of the application for an on-premises liquor license for GQ Nightlife, LLC, located at 215 West 28th Street, unless the above and attached affidavit's stipulations/conditions are incorporated into the method of operation of the applicant's State Liquor Authority Application.

The above resolution passed by a vote of 26 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstention.

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