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State Licenses and Permits

121-125 West 26 Street, Sheesan Hotel, application for a Hotel liquor license

WHEREAS, Sheesan Restaurant 26th, LLC, is applying for a hotel liquor license in the Holiday Inn located at 121-125 West 26th Street; and

WHEREAS, The premises will have a total capacity of 174 within three separate operating areas, ( i.e., waiting area, bar area and restaurant); and

WHEREAS, The square footage of the combined three areas is 1900; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Sam Chang (Sheesan Restaurant 26th, LLC) will operate a hotel bar and restaurant (with room service) as the tenant of MMG Hotel Associates LLC (landlord/Holiday Inn); and

WHEREAS, Sheesan Restaurant 26th, LLC is required to operate a restaurant as a condition to its Franchise Agreement with Holiday Inn, which requires having a restaurant on the premises (mainly for guests of the Holiday Inn); and

WHEREAS, The hours of operation of the bar/restaurant will be from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m (usually closing at midnight); and

WHEREAS, The restaurant area will have no doors or windows that can be left open now or in the future; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Chang, who successfully operates many establishments in the country, in particular the JFK Holiday Inn and JFK Sheraton, has assured CB5 that he will not request a cabaret license and therefore will not be operating as a club and will not operate or request a sidewalk café permit now or in the future: and 

WHEREAS, Mr. Chang agrees to inform CB5 if and when the Franchise Agreement becomes in any way inoperable or is otherwise assigned or transferred, or the terms of the Franchise Agreement change with respect to how the restaurant/bar may operate; and

WHEREAS, The applicant agrees to incorporate the above conditions into the liquor license application method of operation and will submit to CB5, a copy of the final application to the State Liquor Authority; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the hotel liquor license for Sheesan Restaurant 26th, LLC, located at 125 West 26th Street, with the above conditions as part of the method of operation of the applicant's New York State Liquor Authority Application.


The above resolution recommending approval by a vote of 24 in favor; 0 opposed; 2 abstentions; 1 present not entitled to vote.

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