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136 Fifth Avenue, White House Black Market, Ladies’ Mile Historic District, application for signage

WHEREAS, 136 Fifth Avenue is a remnant of a four-story row house in the Ladies’ Mile Historic District built in 1850, altered in 1982, converted for commercial use from 1900 to 1950 and altered to its current form in 2006; and

WHEREAS, The top two stories of the building were destroyed by fire in 1960 and the lower remaining stories are now occupied by White House Black Market, a retail store; and

WHEREAS, The applicant, White House Black Market, came to CB5 in July 2006 for approval of the existing façade; and

WHEREAS, The applicant, White House Black Market, is now seeking permission to install an illuminated sign on the façade; and

WHEREAS, The proposed sign would be 19 inches high and would be illuminated with LED; and

WHEREAS, The Landmarks rules established in 2002 stipulates that bracket signs illuminated with LED lighting is not appropriate for the Ladies Mile Historic District; and

WHEREAS, The Landmark rule stipulates that the bracket sign rule encompasses signage in Chapter 2, section 20, paragraph b : “ In addition, a bracket sign may consist solely of an outline of a shape and/or letters intended to act as a symbol or sign for the establishment; and

WHEREAS, The sign itself is deemed too large and not in keeping with the historic fabric of the neighborhood; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends denial of the application to install an illuminated sign, White House Black Market, on the facade at 136 Fifth Avenue, in the Ladies Mile historic district.

The above resolution recommending denial by a vote of 31 in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstention.

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