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State Licenses and Permits


WHEREAS, 16 West Enterprises LLC, is applying for a new liquor license at the premises 16 West 22nd Street (in the Flat Iron district); and

WHEREAS, The liquor license for the premises was suspended and ultimately revoked by the SLA early this year; and

WHEREAS, The applicant, Robert Watman, came before CB 5's Public Safety/Quality of Life Committee (PSQL) on December 10, 2007, and CB 5 would like to make it clear that our position is in no way a reflection on the applicant or on the establishments he has been operating at other locations; and

WHEREAS, The committee explained that in spite of a three-block moratorium on 20th, 21st, and 22nd Streets, between 5th and 6th Avenues (see attached  resolution), we do investigate all applications; and 

WHEREAS, For many years (approximately 15) the existence of a liquor license at this location has adversely affected the quality of life on 22nd Street and the surrounding area; with a sustained and continuing pattern of noise, disturbance, misconduct and disorder in the licensed premises, in front of or adjacent to the licensed premises, or in the parking lot of the licensed premises, which has adversely affected the health, welfare and safety of the inhabitants of the area in which the licensed premises are located; and

WHEREAS, This location, one of the largest venues in CB5 with a total of 20,000 square feet and a capacity of 2,000, has been plagued with drug dealing and violence, in particular, a shooting in October of 2004 and another in April of 2005; and

WHEREAS, CB 5 has been on record with the State Liquor Authority (SLA) that, no matter who held the liquor license, this location has been one of the worst problem locations in the neighborhood, in fact in the entire CB 5 district; and

WHEREAS, The police have been on record that is one of the worst problem locations in their precinct (13th)

Criminal Report

1/30/06               Assault

06/06                  Grand Larceny

09/06                  Grand Larceny

2/09/07               No Security Guard on premises

11/11/07              Unreasonable Noise; and

WHEREAS, According to police records, there has been a 44% increase in crime within the Flatiron District club zone in the last year; and

WHEREAS, There are over 130 liquor licensed establishments in the Flat Iron area; and 

WHEREAS, The police estimate that this neighborhood is getting 30,000 people over an extended weekend, 10,000 nightly; and

WHEREAS, CB 5's position is in response to a neighborhood that has been inundated and plagued by an extremely high number of liquor licensed establishments all within a four-block area, which includes three of the largest venues in CB 5 and in the NY Metropolitan area; and

WHEREAS, The demographics of this area have changed with a dramatic residential increase:

4 West 21st Street
New - 54 dwellings

52 West 22nd Street                     

Conversion/New - 5 dwelling units(currently on the market)

141 Fifth Avenue                          

Conversion - 40 (approx) dwelling units

35 West 21st Street/38 W 22       

Under Construction - 109 dwelling units

30 West 21st Street                      

Conversion - 18 dwelling units

52 West 21st Street                      

Renovation - 4 dwelling units

16 West 21st Street
Demolition/New Constr. - 14 Story residential building

160 Fifth Avenue     

Sold Dec 2005 - plans unknown

8-14 West 22nd St. and 7-13 West 21st St.             

Rezoned in 2004/05 - Up to 311 dwelling units;

therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five DOES NOT RECOMMEND approval of the liquor license for 16 West Enterprises, LLC," located at 16 West 22nd Street or for any other liquor license at this location; and be it further

RESOLVED, For all of the above reasons, Community Board Five recommends that a Proscription be placed, prohibiting the issuance of a liquor license for any part of the licensed premises at 16 West 22nd Street.


The above resolution passed by a vote of 26 in favor; 1 opposed; 1 abstention.

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