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Consents & Variances

The American Folk Art Museum, request to install an informational kiosk on the sidewalk at 45 West 53rd Street

WHEREAS, The American Folk Art Museum is requesting to place an informational sign on the sidewalk of 45 West 53rd Street in an effort to provide easily accessible and clear information regarding the Museum; and 

WHEREAS, The sign dimensions will be 3'- 0" wide x 3'- 0" deep x 12'- 0" high; and   

WHEREAS, The proposed material will be powder-coated and constructed from hollow fabricated metal; and

WHEREAS, The design reflects a significant effort to produce an attractive and useful source of information while minimizing its impact on pedestrian movement; therefore be it

RESOLVED, Manhattan Community Board Five recommends approval of the request by The American Folk Art Museum to install an informational sign at 45 West 53rd Street.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 22 in favor, 9 opposed, 1 abstention.  

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