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Department of Transportation Application for Seventh Avenue Pedestrian Improvements

WHEREAS, The Department of Transportation is planning to make permanent pedestrian safety improvements to 7th Avenue between 31st and 34th Streets; and

WHEREAS, The improvements include creating neck downs (also called curb extensions) in the following locations:

WHEREAS, The improvements also include:

WHEREAS, The Department of Transportation has conducted several traffic studies of the area to determine that the changes will not adversely affect current bus or taxi flow or stops; and

WHEREAS, These changes will enlarge the curbs and sidewalks for pedestrians, creating a safer travel environment; and

WHEREAS, Community Board Five request that no vendors be allowed to sell on the sidewalk; and

WHEREAS, The Department of Transportation has agreed to explore the possibility of adding a neck down on the southwest corner of 34th Street and 7th Avenue; therefore be it

WHEREAS, Community Board Five continues to be concerned about the proliferation of street vendors and wants to ensure that any new sidewalk expansion in this area is made available to pedestrians and is not utilized by vendors; and

RESOLVED, Community Board Five recommends approval of the application to create Pedestrian Safety Improvements along 7th Avenue.

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