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1501 Broadway, application to legalize platform on marquee

WHEREAS, 1501 Broadway, an individual landmark built in 1926-27 by Rapp and Rapp, Architects and altered in 1997 and 2001, is a French Beaux-Arts style-inspired skyscraper; and

WHEREAS, A platform with pipe railings that can be seen at either end of the marquee was recently illegally installed without Landmarks Preservation Commission approval on the top of the marquee; and

WHEREAS, The platform is 26'6" long and 12'1" deep and sits 3'2' in front of the decorative historic windows, and an access door already in the facade will serve as entry through a 3' wide area; and

WHEREAS, A recent promotion for a clothing company included the use of a two-level scaffold, the base being 10' wide and 25' long, placed upon the platform; and

WHEREAS, The applicant further informed the committee, on Tuesday, October 18, 2005, that while some events would require the use of the two-level scaffold, others would only require the use of an additional riser placed upon the first platform to raise the performers above the central arch of the marquee; and

WHEREAS, Although the platform is not secured to any part of the facade however, at 3'2 inches, it is dangerously close to the windows; and

WHEREAS, A master plan with schedule of forthcoming events indicates the scaffold would be used 51 days (including set up and breakdown days) from November 2005 through November 2006, and the platform 35 days, but does not seem to reflect programs associated with bands or performers from the Café; and

WHEREAS, The Committee is concerned that these structures jeopardize the decorative historic window facade of the building and the integrity of the Marquee; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Manhattan Community Board Five recommends denial of the application to legalize a platform, riser or scaffolding on the marquee at 1501 Broadway.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 25 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention.

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