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32 West 18th Street, application for renovation

WHEREAS, Intel Management and Investment, Inc. is applying for a certificate of appropriateness to convert 32 West 18th Street, a 1908 building, from commercial to residential use for the 2nd to the 12th floors and to make renovations; and

WHEREAS, The renovations include  moving the rooftop elevator bulkhead away from the front of the building, which would make it minimally visible from the street, replacing aluminum windows on street and rear sides with double-hung, wood windows that match the size of the original windows; and

WHEREAS, The applicant will clean the decorative elements and the round piers from the facade of the upper floors down to the three bay street-level windows, as well as adding two lamps to illuminate the ground floor, and cleaning and making needed adjustments such as to the back of the building; and

WHEREAS,  The windows on the east side of the building will be closed as they are lot line windows and would be blocked by a new building of equal size; and

WHEREAS, In order to create a rooftop recreation area, which is required by law, the water tank, which is not currently visible from the street, will be removed; and  

WHERAS, The owners will change the design of the doors at the entrances of the building to make it more symmetrical; and

WHEREAS, The renovations are in keeping with the original style of the building, and with neighboring buildings; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of the application for Certificate of Appropriateness for 32 West 18th Street.

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