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Madison Square Park Conservancy, application for Art Exhibit

WHEREAS, The City of New York Parks & Recreation Department/Madison Square Park Conservancy has requested the approval of a temporary art project for Madison Square park from May 1st through the end of August 2005; and

WHEREAS, The proposed project will consist of two sculptures by Sol Lewitt, specific locations as follows:

WHEREAS, The sculptures will be made of concrete, thereby making the sculptures stable and immobile; and

WHEREAS, The City of New York Parks & Recreation Department will require Sol Lewitt to restore the park grounds upon completion of the project; and

WHEREAS, Installation of the project will abide by rules of the Department of Transportation; therefore be it  

RESOLVED, That Community Board Five recommends approval of Sol Lewitt’s temporary public art project from May through end of August 2005.

The above resolution passed with a vote of 27 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention.    

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