Land Use, Housing & Zoning

Responsible planning and zoning are key to a well-functioning city. New York’s zoning code, established in 1961, serves as the legal instrument by which development and land use is regulated. Generally, areas are categorized as residential, commercial or manufacturing. Because CB5 was carved out specifically as the central business district, most of the district is comprised of commercial and manufacturing zones. CB5’s Land Use, Housing & Zoning (LUHZ) committee examines issues related to changes in the zoning code and how land is used in the district. For example, the LUHZ committee and CB5 as a whole played large roles in the recently-enacted East Midtown rezoning, which unlocked the sale of air rights in East Midtown to incentivize developers to build and renovate Class A office space.

All Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) applications are referred to the LUHZ committee. ULURP is an intensive, timed public process that gives the community the opportunity to weigh in on certain zoning changes. Community boards have a mandated role early in the process and take the first stab at shaping the proposal at hand, giving the LUHZ committee an important responsibility. The LUHZ committee also reviews zoning special permit applications.

Generally meets on the first Wednesday of month at 6pm. Meeting time and location subject to change. Please refer to our calendar.


Land Use, Housing & Zoning Committee Members
Layla Law-Gisiko (Chair)
David Achelis
Nick Athanail
Julie Chou
Aaron Ford
Nancy Goshow
Tristan Haas
Matthew Hartman
E.J. Kalafarski
Jonathan Rabar
Clayton Smith
Rachel Weintraub
Ryan Whalen
Land Use, Housing & Zoning Public Members
Andreas Benzing
Michael Greeley
Edward Klimerman
Evan Peters


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